Suda Drill Repairs podiatry drill repair

Hadewe Drills Repair

Berchtold Drills Repair

Footman Drills Repair

Handpieces Repair

Nail Drill Repairs

Podiatry Drill Repairs

and others upon Request

Repair warranty

Our normal warranty on repairs is 3 months on parts and workmanship. This warranty applies only to the parts we replaced and workmanship.

SVTS are commitment to customer satisfaction. All parts replaced during the course of a repair are returned to you as proof that we carried out the work for which you were charged.

Extended Repair time !

Some equipment we recieve on a daily basis may be held at the workshop for a longer time period, because the drills may require extended testing as a result of an intermittent fault or the requirement of new parts that have to obtained from suppliers.

Turnaround times

Delivery of a urgent repair service is one of the main objectives of SVTS.

We have organized our labour and spare parts in such a way as to be able to repair most items in 24 hours.

Of course, this time frame is affected by spare parts availability. Some parts can be obtained locally, but others may need to be ordered from manufactories. Some repairs may require additional time for testing of intermittent faults.

SVTS has an express repair service. we will begin work on your repair as soon as we receive it, and despatch it as soon as it is completed. we will attempt to repair it on the spot.

If there is a delay in completing a repair, we will advise the customer and give an estimate of the expected repair time. At Security Video Technical Services(SVTS), we offer an excellent, competitive and an efficient repair service. We have been repairing Chiropody Equipment for over ten years and we are confident that you can count on us to deliver you the best service.